Make sure that your wireless products and systems meet all legal requirements, standards, and requested specifications.

Large regulatory complexity on the wireless market

Legal requirements for wireless products often vary across the individual market segments, technologies, and countries. At the same time the functionality may be challenged by e.g. antenna design, range, blocking communication, and interference.

Why test at FORCE Technology?

We have specialists, who can assist you with accredited test as well as other tests. Furthermore, we offer performance testing of coverage, disturbances, robustness against wireless systems such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, levels of electromagnetic fields, antenna design, and hardware and software.

Our test services provide you with a successful implementation and use of wireless technology regardless of customer segment, geographical area, and applied technology.

At FORCE Technology you can get all necessary tests and approvals in our “one-stop-shop”, handled by one project manager.

We are one of Scandinavia’s leading technological service companies and carry out wireless tests on several locations in Denmark, enabling you to visit us near your own company location.