Creating a sustainable and safer world through technology.

FORCE Technology strives to create positive technological change and to make society safer and more sustainable. But when we solve one problem using technology, we must not create new problems. That is why we are sustainable in everything we do - both environmentally, economically and socially.

Through our contribution to technological development, we make a positive difference for people, for companies and for society as a whole. Contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals is therefore a natural extension of the work we already do.

How FORCE Technology is committed to supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals

We support the sustainability agenda broadly.

We do this internally when, for example, we make electric car charging stations available to employees, cut down on meat consumption in the canteen and in general limit our resource consumption as much as possible. And we do this externally when we help our customers through technological transformations in a more sustainable, efficient and safe direction.

The world faces a number of serious challenges - climate change, health crises and digital threats, to name a few. The Sustainable Development Goals are the solution. And we commit ourselves to translate the goals into actions.

UN Sustainable Development Goals