Kamstrup has had its metering equipment type tested and type approved for many years by FORCE Technology and FORCE Certification.

One of the world's leading manufacturers of measuring instruments, Kamstrup, has had its metering equipment type tested and type approved for many years by FORCE Technology and FORCE Certification. Over the years, the code words for the co-operation have been a high level of expertise, satisfactory results and excellent dialogue. 

Kamstrup – market leaders in energy metering

Since its inception in 1946, Kamstrup's mission has been to deliver innovative solutions for the measurement of water and energy. Over the last 60 years this mission has succeeded, and today Kamstrup is one of the world's leading operators on the market. Throughout the years, Kamstrup has developed its business areas, and now offers solutions for the metering and remote measurement of:  

  • Electricity
  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Water

Today, the company employs roughly 900 personnel globally and has branches throughout all of Europe as well as in the US, China, Singapore, Dubai, India, South Africa and Chile, with its head offices in Denmark. The company's turnover almost doubled from 2006 to 2013, and the positive trend continues.

Kamstrup's division for Heating, Water and Cooling Metering deals with the sales, marketing and product development of heating, water and cooling meters. The division is also responsible for the development and type approval of new meters, bringing it into dialogue with FORCE Technology, which type approves Kamstrup's water and heat energy meters. 

Choosing FORCE Technology as test centre

In 2006, the European Measuring Instruments Directive (MID) entered into force, making it no longer possible to receive national approval of measuring instruments. Instead, it was made compulsory for all meters in the EU, that are used for billing purposes, to be type approved in accordance with this pan-European directive prior to distribution.

Kamstrup was therefore obliged to choose a Notified Body for the type testing of its metering instruments, in accordance with the MID. After an investigation of the possibilities in Europe, Kamstrup opted for FORCE Technology, which is a Notified Body for type testing and approval of water meters and heat energy meters in accordance with the MID directive, among others.

FORCE Technology has previously shown great expertise in the field of meters, flow disturbances and the testing of flow meters, which we found valuable. We also felt that it was important to maintain the legal metrology in Denmark at the highest level, and we could contribute to this by placing the type approval process in Denmark,” explains Søren Lang, Product Group Manager, Heat & Cooling Meters for the division, on the reasons behind choosing FORCE Technology. 

Type testing and type approval at the highest level

Since 2006, Kamstrup has had its water and heat energy meters type tested by FORCE Technology. In practice, Kamstrup is a customer of both FORCE Technology and FORCE Certification. FORCE Technology carries out type testing and then draws up a report, after which FORCE Certification assesses the documentation and issues the certification, which is the final type approval. 

The code words for the co-operation throughout the years have always been a high level of expertise, satisfactory results and excellent dialogue. “Type testing is performed on time and in dialogue with us as the customer. They listen to us and our needs, naturally within the framework and regulations which FORCE Technology is subject to as an authority,” explains Søren Lang.

Especially FORCE Technology's activities within standardisation on the area, are an important parameter: “An important condition for this kind of collaboration is that FORCE Certification is so active in relation to standardisation. We could not have a dialogue if the Notified Body was not right at the forefront in terms of standardisation. FORCE Certification and FORCE Technology are a big part of what drives the standardisation work - and this means that we are guaranteed the highest level of type testing and certification,” adds Søren Lang.

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