Incorrect packaging or production tools may be downright poisonous to food, the consumers and the companies. FORCE Technology ensures Danish companies’ access to knowledge on material usage.

The packaging and production tools with which our foods come in contact, the so-called food contact materials, may contaminate food with poisonous and endocrine disrupting substances. Danish companies such as Fiskars Brands Danmark A/S therefore require knowledge as to choice of materials for food purposes.

Export companies: complicated legislation

Fiskars are known for their kitchen tools, cutlery and crockery, which are designed in Denmark but manufactured abroad. The company trades in all of Europe but legislation for food contact materials differs from country to country making it a challenge to command. 

”To Fiskars it is crucial that we comply with the legislation on food contact materials. We aim at always delivering satisfactory and safe products. Our brand signifies credibility; thus, we need easy and quick access to information about the individual countries’ legal requirements that change all the time”, says Quality Manager Henning Hansen at Fiskars.

Tailored management tool

Together, Fiskars and FORCE Technology have developed and designed a management tool for assessing food contact materials, skin contact materials and packaging. ”The Danish regional food authority approve of the system we use for defining requirements to our suppliers and as basis for laboratory tests. 

The system, one that FORCE Technology updates regularly, collects all relevant data in one place. The system is a determining factor for us being able to meet the authorities and customers’ requirements for our products”, completes Henning Hansen.