The risks related to acquiring cheap goods in the Far East is a very popular topic. Indeed, so popular that up until now, FORCE Technology has held four project days on this subject.

16 January 2015

The number of Danish companies using outsourcing is increasing. Companies often face requirements to reduce costs. They either establish company branches in the Far East or use sub-suppliers. In many cases this is successful, but far from always.

The result may be financial losses

“Unfortunately, we have seen examples of the company having to reject steel materials or products acquired in the Far East” says one of the lecturers Henrik Bang. And he continues: “This often leads to financial losses and in the worst cases it may result in complaints and compensation claims”.

”We have often been involved in cases, in which the quality of the supplied material has not met the requirements of the customers”, supplements Jakob Mølholm, who is the other lecturer. ”Thus, we decided to conduct a project day on the subject to make Danish companies consider the pitfalls to which they must pay special attention”, he continues.

People still address us with this problem and therefore we have decided to carry out the project day again", concludes Jakob Mølholm.

Many good examples

”I attended an excellent project day”, says Hans Hauge Hansen, Technical Manager with Heco Filtration A/S. ”They used many good examples to illustrate the problems. In our company we need knowledge about the Far East in general, and it is nice to be aware of any pitfall, one might meet, and I really benefitted from participating in the project day", concludes Hans Hauge Hansen.