FORCE Technology assisted Jakob Albertsen A/S with the implementation of a nonverbal quality management system. The system can be applied in the entire organisation regardles of language or educational background.

The Danish company Jakob Albertsen A/S performs industrial coatings at high level. Their primary customers are in the offshore and marine industry businesses where the requirements are special for the surfaces viability.  The company has 20 employees at the address in Svendborg and an office in Qatar, where part of the workforce is retrieved from India.

The company has implemented a quality management system that forms the basis for all work processes. "We have spent years using a quality management system that was inconvenient to use. Our services must comply with international standards, and the way the system was constructed made it difficult to relate our specific business processes to those. 

The text was especially for our employees in Qatar difficult to understand -, "says director John Moritzen."When we have to provide surface treatment that meet critical performance and applicable standards we need an easy-to-use system tool where procedures are listed according to the demands of our work.

Help from FORCE Technology and co-financing through an Innovation voucher 

"We therefore decided to establish a new quality management system where all the general instructions and control instructions are shown nonverbally using illustrations, cartoons and photos" John Moritzen continues. 

“Each instruction related to the current standard in the field, and a non-verbal system can be understood by everyone, regardless of education and language. We already had a current contact with a business consultant from FORCE Technology and he helped us to create a new system which complies with international standardized methods and tests ".

"The consultant considered the challenge of the new system could be co-financed through an Innovation voucher from the Agency for Science. In this way, we obtained co-financing for the external help that was needed to build up the new system."

How is time illustrated?

” The quality management system is now introduced, and all instructions are entirely described by using illustrations. The system shows exactly how the work has to be performed. For instance, we have specified if an activity should, last 30 seconds and when a coating is acceptable and when it is not acceptable and so forth. It was a special challenge illustrating time, but we also manage to sort that out ".

Satisfied with the results

"We are very satisfied with the results" director John Moritzen continues. “As a new feature our employees have taken the ownership of the system. They can see that it is useful for them in the daily work.The quality of our products is improved highly, and we have received credit from the certifying body which found our nonverbal quality management system very impressive and user-friendly "John Moritzen concludes.