Eurocode 3 holds stricter requirements to steel structures, e.g. bridges and buildings. FORCE Technology helps companies apply new standards. 

Steel structures are not only bridges, cranes and a silo in the countryside, now and then, they are large buildings as well. Steel is everywhere and so are rules and orders that companies must know and abide by, when they manufacture steel structures.

In 2009 Danish companies were given new standards for steel structures with which they have to deal - and FORCE Technology assist everyone, from builders to blacksmiths, in handling those standards. 

Increased requirements for large and small

The Eurocode 3 standard for steel structures is stricter than the previous Danish standard. As of now, the company has to prepare both welding procedures and a quality manual for their steel projects.

At the same time, it has become increasingly complicated to determine the extent of inspection by certain types of tests. Thus, merely comprehending the new rules is a competitive parameter to Danish companies. 

New tools

Especially to small businesses, times have changed. Many blacksmiths and machine factories are sub-suppliers for steel manufacturing companies or directly to builders who expect that documentation is in order.

Thus, in 2009 FORCE Technology has designed and developed standard hand books and held a number of post-workday meetings and project days to help and assist companies and municipal administrations. Large companies also note the stricter requirements.

CSK: sparring with a glance at expenses

CSK Steel industry A/S, who partook in supplying DR (Denmark’s National Radio) with steel structures for their new office buildings (called the DR-Byen), contacted FORCE Technology quite early about the new standards.

”We have been given much assistance at interpreting the standards and at implementing a joint quality management system”, says Technical Manager at CSK, Jesper Dahl Thomsen and continues: ”It is important that we comprehend and take the new documentation requirements for supplies into account quite quickly.

Many questions regarding e.g. the extent to which our structural parts should be traceable are important to our pricing. We therefore value that FORCE Technology’s sparring is much more than just interpreting the wording of the standards”, concludes Jesper Dahl Thomsen.