Corrosion control

Our experts have decades of experience with corrosion control and cathodic protection. We can help you assess the situation and recommend an optimal course of action.

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CP retrofit of offshore jacket structure in the North sea

Another optimised offshore jacket CP retrofit


At the very end of a previous CP retrofit delivery for the Southern Norwegian shelf, FORCE Technology Norway has been awarded another retrofit project from an operator in the Northern North sea for a large, ageing jacket structure.

Collaboration with Subsea Corrosion Ltd


We are pleased to announce that we are taking collaboration with Subsea Corrosion Ltd to the next level.

FiGS® CP survey featured in Materials Performance Magazine


As a result of last year's award for innovative technology, FiGS® has been featured with an interview article in the April 2018 issue of Materials Performance.

8 facts about cathodic protection of stainless steels


We've gathered some interesting facts about the cathodic protection of stainless steels.

Improving the baseline survey of wellheads


How can a FiGS® survey improve decision making concerning the cathodic protection (CP) on subsea wellheads, while reducing cost and maintaining safe operation at the same time? Read more to find out…

Cost effective life extension of offshore jacket structures – from a CP perspective


Innovative FiGS® CP survey technology generates large costs savings in offshore jacket life extension, with high accuracy.

Offshore Wind Farm Inspection


Using our state-of-the-art field gradient sensor, FiGS, we have successfully launched several subsea inspection missions, including the Baltic 2 offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea.