Our climatic tests provide you with documentation demonstrating that your product can withstand the conditions it will be exposed to during normal use.

Weaknesses of your product may become expensive

Your product will probably be used by your clients in many different climatic conditions and be exposed to water, dust, dirt, etc. Perhaps in various countries and regions, and probably also during different seasons, or with different thermal conditions. Therefore, it is advisable to test the functionality of the product on different climatic parameters and ingress protection before you put it on the market.

Why test at FORCE Technology?

At FORCE Technology you can get all necessary tests and approvals in our “one-stop-shop”, handled by one project manager.

We offer all types of accredited or guiding tests, e.g. climatic test, thermal shock test, corrosion test, accelerated corrosion test (HACT), slat spray test, dust IP5X & IP6X, water IPX1-IPX9, free-falling dust test, robustness test (HALT and HASS), reliability test (ALT and CALT), etc.

We are one of Scandinavia’s leading technological service companies and carry out tests on several locations in Denmark, enabling you to visit us near your own company location.