Learn about the acoustic properties of different components, like acoustic insulation, reduction index, impact sound level, and impact sound dampening, as well as the absorption area and coefficient.

The results from these measurements can be useful when you need to optimise, compare, or classify building components. They can also serve as a basis for calculating acoustic conditions in buildings. All measurements are performed in accordance with the relevant ISO and EN standards.

Measurement and documentation of acoustic properties

We take acoustic measurements and document:

  • acoustic absorption for acoustic ceilings, floor coverings, wall coverings, office screens
  • airborne sound insulation for windows, panes, doors, walls, floor separations, façade elements, and air vents
  • impact sound levels for deck and floor constructions
  • floor impact noise reduction for floor coverings
  • absorption and acoustic insulation capabilities of traffic noise barriers.

Take a tour of our architectural acoustics laboratories

Montering af gipsvæg og måling af akustiske egenskaber i måleåbning til måling af lydisolation
In the sound absorption laboratory, we can set up objects like drywall, glass panels, and MDF wall panels to measure their acoustic insulation capabilities. The image here shows a drywall panel mounted in the measurement aperture for acoustic insulation measurement.
In the laboratory, we test the impact noise levels and dampening effects of objects like linoleum flooring, hardwood flooring, and concrete decks, for deck construction testing.