Copenhagen airport has a vision to become Northern Europe's traffic hub. FORCE Technology contributes to document that CPH meets the requirements for air quality monitoring.

Copenhagen Airport, CPH, has a vision to become Northern Europe's traffic hub and wants to achieve the vision in a responsible way. Therefore, CPH puts a lot of effort in ensuring working environment and occupational health and safety, involving relevant stakeholders along the way. FORCE Technology is one of those stakeholders who contributes to document that CPH meets the requirements for air quality monitoring.  

CPH – an environmentally responsible airport

CPH is the largest airport in Denmark, daily connecting Danish companies and people with the rest of the world. CPH wants to become Northern Europe's main international airport and traffic hub - and is well on its way: For the third year running, CPH set passenger record in 2013 with 24.1 million passengers. CPH employs around 2.200 employees, while Copenhagen Airport is the base of totally 23.000 jobs.

The increasing number of passengers at CPH results in more traffic, aircrafts and vehicles in the immediate environment. Ultimately, it possibly leads to a higher environmental impact.

CPH therefore has a considerable focus on monitoring of air quality to ensure that the airport's operations comply with requirements from authorities and cause least possible inconvenience to the surroundings of the airport.

The department of Environment at CPH is engaged in the environmental performance of the airport, including monitoring of air quality. “Measuring of the air quality at Copenhagen Airport is an important factor because it is required in our environmental approval, and because we want to ensure a good air quality for people travelling at and staying nearby the airport facilities, including the airport’s neighbours", says Environmental Coordinator in the Environmental Department at CPH, Peter Schøn.

FORCE Technology is monitoring the air quality at Copenhagen Airport

FORCE Technology has carried out monitoring of air quality for CPH since 2012. The monitoring is performed on two measuring stations, which are established by the fence at the airport east and west of the terminal area. The stations monitor polluting compounds in the air, specifically the concentrations of:

  • NO
  • NO2
  • NOX
  • PM2,5.

The data collected at the monitoring stations are presented directly on a website where CPH can read it on a daily basis. This enables CPH to assess the air quality itself to ensure that limit values are complied with.

We chose FORCE Technology as our partner for monitoring air quality as they met our criteria for effectiveness and the cost price of the assignment", Peter Schøn says. The cooperation between CPH and FORCE Technology runs for a period of three years, after which point a new three-year agreement can be negotiated. “We have been and are still satisfied with FORCE Technology's high level in relation to academic competence, accuracy and service assignment", Peter Schøn says.

CPH Monitoring air quality south
Measuring station west of the terminal area.
CPH Monitoring air quality north
Measuring station east of the terminal area.
CPH Air monitoring results, CPH airport air quality measurements
An example of the data presented to CPH directly on a website.