Denmark's longest rollercoaster ride is tested and approved by FORCE Technology.

Denmark’s longest thrill ride is called "Piraten" and is Djurs Sommerland’s latest attraction. But utmost safety is assured, says Managing Director Henrik B. Nielsen who is collaborating with FORCE Technology on the rollercoaster’s safety.

Djurs Sommerland offers an attraction that will give even the most hardcore rollercoaster enthusiasts an adrenalin rush!

The Pirate, as it is called, is 755 metres long and 32 metres high, promising a thrill lasting 61 seconds from start to end.

Djurs Sommerland’s new rollercoaster “Piraten” has been given the seal of approval by FORCE Technology.

Denmark’s fastest and longest rollercoaster ride may seem scary but is the height in safety, promises Managing Director Henrik B. Nielsen of Djurs Sommerland. 

“When our guests visit Djurs Sommerland they expect the highest possible safety levels. That is why the safety aspect is an integral part of our values. It is therefore natural for us to choose collaboration partners who have the expertise and competencies to handle safety at the highest level. We have therefore joined forces with FORCE Technology for the safety approval of Piraten,” says Managing Director Henrik B. Nielsen of Djurs Sommerland.

Expertise in place

Project Manager Jens Dahlslund of FORCE Technology explains: “The new attraction, Piraten, is huge in size and is very complex, which is why we have joined forces with TÜV-süd in terms of the safety approvals. While TÜV-süd concentrates on the technical and functional features of the rollercoaster, FORCE Technology deals with safety for the visitors and Djurs Sommerland’s staff in such aspects as admittance, fences and screening, thereby providing the best combination of TÜV-süd’s and our competencies for the benefit of the customer”.

“The work is of course carried out in strict compliance with the relevant quality and safety standards and we also try to take all best-case – and especially worst-case – scenarios into account which may cause a safety risk,” he continues.

The thrill is important

More than 55m kroner has been invested in Piraten, which has a capacity of 810 persons/hour. The top speed is 90 km/h, which it reaches at the bottom of the 30.5-metre drop!

The thrill is an important part of the excitement, but it is also important that the visitors feel assured that safety is paramount when they ride the rollercoaster.

“Piraten was tested up to 1000 times before visitors were allowed on. Access routes, fences and screening were also approved before Piraten was put into service. This means that FORCE Technology’s safety approval is proof that we can provide a safe product to our visitors and staff,” says Henrik B. Nielsen.

The Pirate Djurs Summerland
Denmark’s fastest and longest rollercoaster ride may seem scary with its 755 meters in lenght and 32 meters in height.