The largest metal 3D-printer in Scandinavia has been upgraded with a new software package enabling the printer to produce unique designs by melting a metal wire using a standard welding technique.

3d print unique design in production metal Thomas Von Glabeke
A view of the set-up at our large-scale 3D-print facility.
3d print unique geometry Thomas Von Glabeke
A closer look at the printing proces using the new software.
26 September 2020

The new method provides the 3D-printer with a high degree of flexibility in component geometry. It is a wire-based 3D-print process using electric arc as heat source deposition new layers of metal on top of each other over and over. 

It is a cost-effective solution as you are able to lower the production cost and time compared to traditional production costs. The method is effective when dealing with prototypes and small batch productions. 

The software package is from MX3D (called Metal XL) and is based on the printing method Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) combined with large-scale robots for 3D-print.

What is WAAM?

As production method WAAM has been known since the 1920s but the combination of using the method together with CAD-files and a robotic arm is quite new.

The method is well-suited for large-scale components produced with a robotic arm which means that the components is not limited by space but by the reach of the robot. 

The design freedom you get from printing a CAD-file optimizes the entire process and gets your applications into production much easier with the new software from MX3D.

All photos has been taken by Thomas Van Glabeke, MX3D.

Timelapse video of metal 3D-print with a unique geometry.